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The Research and Development Centre, (RIIC) of Dayananda Sagar Institution is a leading research house in Bangalore with 105 publications spread over International/National level Journals and conferences and holding few patents in frontier domains. It operates through various departments and groups specializing in Advanced Software Engineering, Nanotechnology, Advanced Networking, Robotics and AI, Bio-computing Systems etc. It has a very strong Doctoral Program and a set of research projects along with very active national and International research collaboration programs. RIIC conducted more than 10 conferences over the last 2 years at national and international level attracting people all over the world. It has pioneered the development of two International Journals ‘InterJRI’ series which is getting good acclaim. Till now 4 Ph.D. dissertations Thesis are getting submitted. Besides the research programs, RIIC houses an Incubation centre where the innovative mind explores the possibilities of putting leading edge technology in to business viability. RIIC Incubation centre has companies like ‘Aero IT’ which works at global level. The members of RIIC research team have an international background and they engage in frontier research in stand alone and collaborative scale transforming the society to the 21st century profile.